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Rockets, Engines & Accessories

Embark on exciting adventures in space with our comprehensive range of rocketry products. Start your journey with rocket launch sets featuring all you need for thrilling launches. Build and customize your rockets with our variety of kits, engines, and accessories, ensuring safe and successful flights. Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, our range caters to all levels of experience, igniting your passion for exploration and discovery.

Learn More About Our Range Of Rockets

  1. Estes Rocket Launch Sets: These sets include everything needed to launch model rockets, typically including a launch pad, launch controller, and one or more rockets. Estes launch sets are designed for beginners and provide a convenient way to start the hobby of model rocketry.
  2. Estes Rocket Kits: Estes offers a wide range of rocket kits for model rocket enthusiasts of all skill levels. These kits include pre-cut components that are assembled to create complete rockets. Estes rocket kits come in various sizes, shapes, and skill levels, from simple beginner kits to complex scale models and high-performance rockets.
  3. Estes Rocket Engines: Estes produces a variety of rocket engines in different sizes and power levels to suit various rocket models and flight requirements. These engines are classified by letter designations (such as A, B, C, etc.) based on their total impulse and thrust characteristics. Estes rocket engines are available in single-use and reloadable formats.
  4. Estes Rocket Parts & Accessories: Estes offers a range of parts and accessories to support model rocket construction, modification, and maintenance. This includes components such as body tubes, nose cones, fins, recovery systems (parachutes and streamers), launch lugs, engine mounts, shock cords, and adhesive materials. Additionally, Estes provides accessories like igniters, wadding, and recovery wadding for safe and reliable rocket launches.