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Radio Gear, Servos & Accessories

Upgrade your radio control setup with premium Radio Gear at Hobbytech Toys. From air radios and receivers to servos and gyros, our range of high-quality equipment ensures precise control and reliability for your RC adventures. Explore now and elevate your flying or driving experience!

Learn More About Our Radio Gear & Accessories

  1. Air Radios: Elevate your RC flying experience with our selection of high-quality air radios. From entry-level transmitters to advanced programmable systems, our air radios offer precision control and reliability for all types of aircraft.
  2. Air Receivers: Ensure reliable signal reception with our range of air receivers. Designed for compatibility with our air radios, our receivers offer fast response times and long-range communication for confident flying.
  3. Surface Radios: Take control of your RC cars, trucks, and boats with our surface radios. Featuring ergonomic designs and intuitive interfaces, our surface radios provide precise control and versatility for all types of surface vehicles.
  4. Surface Receivers: Experience smooth and responsive control with our surface receivers. Designed for compatibility with our surface radios, our receivers offer fast signal processing and reliable performance for maximum driving or boating enjoyment.
  5. Radio Cases: Protect your valuable radio equipment with our range of radio cases. Whether you're traveling to the flying field or the race track, our cases offer durable construction and customizable storage options to keep your gear safe and organized.
  6. Radio Accessories: Enhance your radio setup with our selection of accessories. From neck straps and transmitter trays to grips and switch covers, we offer a variety of accessories to customize your radio and improve your comfort and control.
  7. Futaba SBUS & Telemetry: Take advantage of advanced features like SBUS and telemetry with our Futaba radio systems. SBUS technology allows for streamlined wiring and precise control, while telemetry provides real-time data feedback for monitoring your aircraft's performance.
  8. Servos: Achieve precise control and reliable performance with our range of servos. Whether you need standard, mini, or high-torque servos, we offer a variety of options to suit your aircraft or vehicle's size and control requirements.
  9. Servo Parts: Keep your servos operating smoothly with our selection of servo parts. From gears and cases to motors and circuit boards, we offer a range of replacement parts and accessories to maintain and repair your servos as needed.
  10. Servo Horns: Transmit control inputs from your servos to your aircraft or vehicle's control surfaces with our selection of servo horns. Choose from various sizes and styles to match your servo's output shaft and your control linkage setup.
  11. Servo Extension Leads: Extend the reach of your servo connections with our servo extension leads. Available in various lengths and configurations, our extension leads offer flexible installation options for your radio setup.
  12. Gyros: Improve stability and control with our range of gyros. Whether you're flying fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters, our gyros offer advanced stabilization features to help you maintain smooth and precise flight.
  13. Simulators: Hone your piloting skills and practice new maneuvers with our selection of simulators. Compatible with our radio systems, our simulators provide realistic flight physics and customizable training scenarios for immersive and effective practice sessions.
  14. Switches: Control power and functions with our range of switches. From simple on/off switches to multi-function toggles, we offer a variety of options to suit your radio setup and control requirements.
  15. Voltage Regulators & BEC's: Ensure consistent power delivery to your radio system and servos with our voltage regulators and BECs (Battery Eliminator Circuits). Designed to maintain stable voltage levels, our regulators and BECs help prevent brownouts and ensure reliable operation in all conditions.

Whether you prefer the precision of Futaba, the versatility of Spektrum, or the innovation of Radio Master, we offer a comprehensive selection of radio gear and accessories to meet your needs and enhance your RC experience.