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RC Batteries & Chargers

Power up your RC adventures with high-performance batteries and chargers for RC Cars & Planes at Hobbytech Toys. From long-lasting batteries to efficient chargers, our selection ensures uninterrupted fun and maximum performance for your radio-controlled vehicles. Explore now!

About Our RC Batteries & Chargers

  1. RC Battery Chargers: Ensure your RC vehicles and devices are always ready to go with our range of high-quality RC battery chargers. Designed for convenience and reliability, our chargers provide fast and efficient charging for various battery types, including LiPo, NiMH, and LiFe batteries.
  2. 1S LiPo Batteries: Power up your micro RC vehicles with our selection of 1S LiPo batteries. Compact and lightweight, these batteries offer excellent performance and durability, making them ideal for small-scale models and drones.
  3. 2S LiPo Batteries: Experience enhanced power and longer run times with our 2S LiPo batteries. Perfect for mid-sized RC cars, boats, and planes, these batteries deliver consistent performance and superior energy density for maximum fun on the track or in the air.
  4. 3S LiPo Batteries: Take your RC adventures to the next level with our range of 3S LiPo batteries. Designed for high-performance applications, these batteries provide ample power and endurance for demanding vehicles and aircraft.
  5. 4S LiPo Batteries: Get the adrenaline pumping with our 4S LiPo batteries. Engineered for high-speed racing and aerobatic maneuvers, these batteries deliver unmatched power and agility for competitive RC enthusiasts.
  6. 6S LiPo Batteries: Unleash the full potential of your RC gear with our 6S LiPo batteries. Whether you're piloting a high-speed jet or a precision helicopter, these batteries offer exceptional energy output and voltage stability for unparalleled performance in the skies.
  7. NiMH & NiCD Batteries: Power your legacy RC models with our NiMH and NiCD batteries. Designed for compatibility and longevity, these rechargeable batteries provide reliable performance and easy maintenance for classic RC enthusiasts.
  8. LiFe Batteries: Experience the benefits of lithium iron phosphate technology with our LiFe batteries. Offering enhanced safety, longevity, and energy density compared to traditional NiMH batteries, LiFe batteries are ideal for high-performance RC applications.
  9. Alkaline Batteries: Keep your RC transmitters, receivers, and accessories powered up with our alkaline batteries. Available in various sizes and configurations, our alkaline batteries deliver long-lasting performance and reliable power for all your RC needs.
  10. RC Charge Leads: Stay organized and efficient with our selection of RC charge leads. Designed for compatibility with popular battery chargers and connectors, our charge leads make charging multiple batteries a breeze.
  11. LiPo Safe Bags: Protect yourself and your belongings with our LiPo safe bags. Made from fire-resistant materials, these bags provide a safe and secure way to store and transport your LiPo batteries, reducing the risk of accidents and damage.
  12. Battery Plug Adaptors: Ensure compatibility between your batteries and chargers with our battery plug adaptors. Whether you need to convert between different connector types or upgrade to higher-quality plugs, we have the adaptors you need to keep your RC gear running smoothly.
  13. Battery Connectors and Plugs: Customize your RC setups with our selection of battery connectors and plugs. From standard Deans and XT60 connectors to high-current EC5 and Traxxas plugs, we offer a wide range of options to suit your specific needs.
  14. RC Batteries and Checkers: Stay charged and ready for action with our comprehensive range of RC batteries and checkers. Whether you need a reliable power source for your vehicles or a convenient way to monitor battery health, we have everything you need to keep your RC adventures going strong.