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DCC Concepts 2-Wire 4 Led Uk Modern Ground Signal (12)


  • Description
  • 12x 2-wire 4 LED UK Modern Ground Signal

    12x 2-wire 4 LED UK Modern Ground Signal A pack of 12 x 4-lamp plug and play signals in 4mm scale (OO), supplied with NO control board.

    The DCD-MGS-MG is a modern UK 4-lamp ground signal that uses LEDS in the prototype. It was first introduced around 2000 and is now being used to replace many 3-light signals as they reach the end of their life. Many are still in use today. This makes it a great choice for more modern layouts of many prototypes.

    Use as add-on for Alpha Mimic control signal systems OR use independently if you wish. Please note: If used with other power sources, resistors MUST be added. (we suggest 5,000 ohms or 5k resistors)

    Failed LEDs because of incorrect connection will not be covered by warranty.