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Walthers Cornerstone HO Two Wet/Dry Storage Bins


SKU WAL933-2937

Product Information
Modernize HO Grain Businesses with Wet/Dry Storage Bins
Cornerstone Series Grain Series Wet/Dry Storage Bins are signature structures for modern grain scenes. This kit includes parts for two of these tall, corrugated-metal structures, perfect for a small facility or as part of a larger complex. Grain storage bins are connected to the rest of the complex by piping and augers from the Leg Conveyor kit, 933-2936, sold separately. If your post-1960s railroad hauls grain, these bins will look great at your elevator complexes.

* Parts for 2 Complete Bins * Fine Corrugated "Metal" Details * "Steel" Supports and Crossbraces * Safety Cage Ladders * One-Piece Roof