Futaba R334SBS Telemetry Receiver (7Px)


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Description:The R334SBS is a high response speed ground based receiver using Futaba's ultra-fast T-FHSS SR system. The high speed response, small size and robust case make it a great choice for RC car racers but it's also equally at home in a performance boat. It is compatible with 3.7V to 7.4V power sources allowing a wide array of applications

Features:For: RC CARMaterial: PlasticColor: BlackDesigned for use with Futaba surface transmitters using TFHSS and TFHSS-SR technologyTFHSS bidirectional telemetryProgrammable and compatible with S.Bus2 systemsNormal/high-speed modes (auto detection), normal mode accepts any type of servo, high-speed mode only accepts digital servos including BLS servosHigh voltageDual antenna diversityBattery fail safe

Specification:Operating Voltage: 3.7-7.4VSize: 1.3 x 0.88 x 0.44" (33.9 x 22.3 x 11.3mm)Weight: 0.26oz (7.3g)

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