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Hobby Boss 1/35 Russian T-40S Light Tank


SKU HB83826
  • Description
  • The T-40 was an improvement over the T-37 and T-38 in several respects. The coil-spring suspension of the T-38 was replaced by a modern torsion-bar suspension with four pairs of road wheels. The boat-shaped hull was entirely welded, in contrast to the riveted hulls of the T-37 and T-38. The welded, conical turret shape improved protection, although the armor was still very thin. Armament was a 12.7mm DShK heavy machine gun, a much more potent weapon than the 7.62mm DT machine gun mounted on the T-38.

    Item No: 83826
    Item Name: Russian T-40S Light Tank
    Scale: 1:35
    Item Type: Static kit
    Model Dimension Length: 110mm Width: 65.5mm
    Total Plastic Parts: 310+
    Total Sprues: 15 sprues and lower hull
    Chromeplate Parts: n/a
    Resin Parts: n/a
    Metal Parts: copper cable, gun barrel
    Photo Etched Parts: 1 piece
    Film Accessory: n/a
    The kit consists of over 310 parts
    - multi-directional slide molded turret and lower hull
    - photo-etched parts included
    - 182 individual tracks links