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Postage Stamp 1/115 P38 23 Skidoo


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  • Description
  • Postage Stamp - 1/115 Lockheed P-38J Lightning “23 Skidoo”

    With its distinctive twin booms and a single, central nacelle, the Lockheed P-38 Lightning was a multi-purpose fighter aircraft used by the US Air Force during World War II. Its mission roles included interception, dive bombing, level bombing, ground strafing, close air support, and photo reconnaissance missions; it was used extensively as a long-range escort fighter.

    This model is a replica of the P-38J known as “23 Skidoo”, one of the few Lightnings still in flying condition. It was restored in July 1988 with the markings the Lightning flown by Capt. Perry Dahl during World War II. “23 Skidoo” is a saying from the 1920s that means "getting out while the getting's good".

    This diecast metal airplane model comes in 1:115 scale with plastic stand and is approximately 4 inches (10.2cm) long with a 5 1/2 inch (14cm) wingspan.