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Walthers SceneMaster HO 20ft Smooth-Side Container with Right Side Door 2-Pack - Ready to Run - Railway Express Agency #260090, 260092 (green, red; Unit Haul Logo)


SKU WAL949-8680
  • Description
  • Expand container traffic on your 1960s and 70s era HO layout with these two-packs of 20' SceneMaster containers! Based on equipment used by Railway Express Agency (REA), they were equipped with both standard end doors, as well as a single side-door to facilitate loading or unloading on busy city streets. Other features include:
    Two-packs feature different numbers
    Standard end-door and right-side door
    Authentic rivet, door latch and hinge details
    Colorful period REA paint and lettering
    Perfect period loads for Walthers Mainline G85 and 60' Pullman-Standard VTTX container flatcars (each sold separately)