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Hobby Boss 1/72 Morser Karl-Geraet 040/041 Late Cha


SKU HB82905
  • Description
  • The Karl series of mortars Ger?t 040 were built by the German during the WW II. The gun was ordered to Rheinmetall by German army in June 1937. Designed to use in the campaign against France Maginot line. The mortar barrel had a length of 5108mm (L/8.44) with a calibre of 60cm .This self-propelled gun were called "Karl" Ger?t. The first vehicle entered serviced in November 1940 and got the name Adam . The next three vehicles were delivered until May 1941 and got the names Eva , Thor and Odin . These four vehicles were sent to Rssia with the 833heavy artillery detachment on 22.June 1941.

    Item No: 82905
    Item Name: Morser KARL-Geraet 040/041 Late version
    Scale: 1:72
    Item Type: Static kit
    Camouflage Scheme: Markings for Nr.III "Odin" 040, Nr.IV "Thor" 040/041,Nr.V "Loki" 040/041, Nr.VI "Ziu" 040,from1941. in overall panzer grey and in three colour cam
    Model Brief Length:159 mm Width:56.6 mm Height:65.5 mm
    Total Parts: 192
    Metal Parts: 1 metal axle, 4 springs
    Total Sprues: 6pcs sprues, lower hull, TPR tracks
    The kit consists of 190 parts in light grey plastic in 6pcs sprues and 2 strip TPR tracks, one late lower hull , metal axle and springs