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Nce Illuminator


SKU NCE05240164

NCE DCC #164 Illuminator
DCC Decoder compatible with Woodland Scenics Just PlugTM products and other lighting accessories with built in resistors.

Features of this decoder:
Works with DCC or DC (limited operation on DC)
Includes mating connectors with 100mm long wires
Built-In Warm white LED (can be disabled)
Up to 3 Just Plug accessories may be controlled separately
Supplies the correct 12 Volts to Just Plug products
Can have different lighting effects each output
Each output individually dimmable
100mA total output
4 Modes - DC, Locomotive, Accessory, or Signal

15 Lighting EFX
18 Signal Aspects

The Illuminator is a Plug and Play multi-purpose programmable DCC lighting decoder. One Illuminator contains three programmable lighting outputs with a complete array of lighting effects. Suitable for signal heads, passenger cars, locomotive lighting, cabooses, structure lighting, and many other uses. Designed to be used with Woodland Scenics Just Plug system!

See the manual for full details.