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OS Max 120Ax Ring 70D W/E-5020 Silencer


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    Perfect for 3D, precision and sport flying!

    Suitable for 3D, precision and sport flying
    25% more displacement than a .91, but bolts into the same space with almost no extra weight
    Power Box muffler included
    Angled heat sink adds more surface area

    Product Information
    Perfect for 3D, precision and sport flying!
    It's a fantastic way to ratchet up horsepower for more flying fun! The 120AX, which boasts 20% more displacement than a .91, can turn bigger props with ease, resulting in improved 3D, precision and sport flying. Boost your plane's performance, without compromising weight � bolt in a 120AX and see the difference for yourself!
    With the 120AX, there's no need to buy an expensive aftermarket muffler! The included Power Box muffler comes with two adapters � one of which turns the muffler 90deg to become a "Pitts style."

    Displacement: 1.20 cu in (20 cc)
    Bore: 1.197 in (30.4 mm)
    Stroke: 1.083 in (27.5 mm)
    Practical rpm range: 1800-9500
    Power Output: 3.1 hp @ 9000 rpm
    Weight With Muffler: 29.0 oz (823g)
    Weight Without Muffler: 22.8 oz (647g)