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Scalextric C8247 Throttle Ext Cables


SKU SC8247
  • Description
  • Plug these handy extension cables between a Scalextric Digital powerbase and the Scalextric Digital Hand Controller to allow more movement around the power base. Especially useful when more than two drivers are positioned at the powerbase. Each extension cable is two metres in length and allows a driver to move up to three metres away from the powerbase to gain a different view of the circuit from which to race or retrieve a de-slotted car.

    Almost essential when four to six drivers are racing as this gives everyone more room to see and causes less crowding.

    These extension cables are only suitable for use with Scalextric Digital power bases.

    They are NOT SUITABLE for use with Classic Controllers, standard analogue Scalextric power bases, Sport World power bases or Scalextric Start power bases.

    For new analogue hand controller extension cables see C8247


    2 x 2m Throttle Extension Cables