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Tamiya 1/48 Kettenkraftrad With Infantry Cart And Goliath Demo Vehicle


SKU TAM32502
  • Description
  • Following the release of the Kubelwagen as the first model in the 1/48 scale Military Miniature Vehicle (MMV) series, Tamiya introduces the second amazing release, the Kettenkfraftrad. This is a fabulous complete display kit featuring Kettenkfraftrad with an infantry cart, a demolition vehicle and many other great accessories on a tiny 1/48 scale. Model can be enjoyed by itself or combined with one of our fantastic 1/48 scale aircraft for a diorama display.

    About the Kettenkraftrad (Infantry Cart and Goliath Demolition Vehicle)

    Kettenkraftrad: Featuring three forward and one reverse gear the Kettenkraftrad was used as a transportation vehicle, a power generator, a communications vehicle, towing vehicle etc. Capable of towing up to 4 tons it was widely used to tow artillery and equipment, as well as aircraft when used by the Luftwaffe.
    Infantry Cart: A lightweight cart that could be easily towed by just two men, a horse, a motorcycle or a Kettenkraftrad. The infantry cart was used all throughout WWII, displaying superior versatility and practicality.
    Goliath: The Goliath was a remote control operated self-detonation vehicle. An 800m-long cable enabled remote control access to far away targets and remote detonation of its 60kg load of explosives.

    About the Model

    1/48 scale high quality plastic model of the Kettenkraftrad as used during WWII
    Overall length of Kettenkraftrad: 64mm
    Set includes accurately detailed Goliath demolition vehicle and infantry cart
    Includes loads of accessories such as two types of grenade launchers, fuel drum, jerrycans, ammunition boxes, rifles and 1 uniformed driver figure
    5 sets of markings to reproduce both the Germany army or Luftwaffe vehicles.